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Custom Size & Shaped Area Rugs

custom shaped rug

Here at Shehadi's we specialize in creating custom size and shaped area rugs including but not limited to:

  • Rounds

  • Ovals

  • Seaming two rugs together to create one long area rug

  • Reducing the size of an area rug either length or width wise

  • Freeforms

  • Cutouts to accommodate the layout of your home (i.e. angled fireplaces, registers, and unusual shaped floor plans)

We had a customer in need of a custom shaped rug to wrap around their built in bench as well as a radiator vent in the ground. We used a template to custom fit the rug as well as cut out the area for the vent to fit snugly over the rug.  


In the example below we used three rectangular area rugs, which we cut and seamed together, to create a custom shaped area rug complete with boarders to replicate the exact shape of a customers kitchen. 

In the below example, we had a customer who needed an octagonal rug. The rug she fell in love with was not available in octagonal we created one for her. We took an 8x11 rectangular rug, cut the borders off and re-seamed them back on to make an 8'x8' octagon. 

IMG_2326 (1).JPG
IMG_2330 (1).JPG
IMG_2847 (1).JPG
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