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              We offer the following expert repairs done by machine:

We can replace your fringe with six choices of material (See choices below). Replace serging - 100 color choices. Replace binding - 100 color choices. We do patching; we can use other parts of rugs to fix holes, dog chews, plant rot, etc. This is a very inexpensive repair compared to Hand Weaving. We also fabricate rugs to custom sizes. Repairs done by machine are very affordable.

Repair Services Price List
  • Fringe Replacement ----------------------------------------------------------- $10.00 per linear foot
  • Serging (Yarn Wrapping)----------------------------------------------------- $6.00 per linear foot
  • Binding (Thin 3/8" band around edge ) --------------------------------- $3.00 per linear foot
  • Cut and Square (*does not including finishing edges)----------------- $1.00 per linear foot
  • Hand Binding ------------------------------------------------------------------ $35.00 per linear foot
  • Hand Overcast ----------------------------------------------------------------- $30 - $40 est. per linear foot
  • Braided Rug Repair ---------------------------------------------------------- $25.00 per linear foot
  • Block and Size ------------------------------------------------------------------$2.50 per sq. ft.
*There is a minimum charge of $80.00 for block and size of a rug
  • Fabrications -------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Call
  • Burlap & Latex weak spots -------------------------------------------------- Please Call
  • Appraisals verbal and written ---------------------------------------------- Please Call
    • We offer at home appraisals for extra large rugs or entire estates​
​​*There is a minimum of $100 for at home appraisals depending on location​
Fringe Repair Choices
Shehadi Cleaning Repair

Serging and Binding Services:

Shehadi's offers repair services for the edge of your rug weather it be the binding or yarn wrapping known as serging. Steve Shehadi is one of the few repair men that performs serging services in over a 200 mile radius. Shehadi's has over 100 serging and binding colors so no matter what the color of your rug, you can find a match.

Serging Vs. Binding
Serging Repair Choices
Binding Repair Choices
Rug Painting
We can use fabricate dyes to dye the cotton foundation that is showing through the worn areas. This is a cheaper alternative to re-weaving.
Shehadi Cleaning Repair

Before and After of an antique rug we restored by reducing the size and patching in the missing areas. Both sides were re-serged, both ends re-fringed, border patched, and foundation painted to bring the rug back to life. This is a much cheaper alternative to restore worn rugs without reweaving.


Delavan Rug Before 1.jpg
Delavan Rug After 1.jpg
Delavan Rug Before 2.jpg
Delavan Rug Before 3.jpg
Delavan Rug After 2.jpg
Delavan Rug During 1_edited.jpg
Delavan Rug After 3.jpg


Here at Shehadi's we offer an experts appraisal of your rugs upon request. Steven J. Shehadi, president of Shehadi Inc. has over 40 years of experience in the oriental carpet business and is familiar with every facet of the trade. We provide appraisal services for someone interested in selling a rug, insurance against loss, also estate or tax purposes. For an accurate appraisal, Mr. Shehadi himself must see the rugs. 

Please contact us by phone or email for appraisal inquires.

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